Resume, Interview and Salary Info

Resume & cover letter resources


General guidance and advice:

Jobstar shows examples of different types of resumes - find out which type is best for you. The site also provides samples of cover letters and links to outside resources.

Quintessential Careers Resume Resources
Great site listing the fundamentals of a good resume or vita with samples and tips.  It also provides advice on creating scannable resumes as well as links to other resources.

Electronic resumes:

This is a great guide to creating an electronic resume that's searchable and compatible with email while protecting your privacy.

Resume builders:

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word, which is available on the computers in the Library's computer lab, has a built-in "Resume Wizard".  The Resume Wizard asks for your contact information and the headings you'd like to include on your resume, then creates an outline. To access the Resume Wizard:
 1. open Microsoft Word
 2. click on the "File" menu
 3. select "New"
 4. click on the tab labeled "Other Documents"
 5. select "Resume Wizard"


Resume banks (Look for the "Post a Resume" link):

Choosing a resume bank
How to choose a safe site for posting your resume (information about you) online.

Web sites where you can post your resume online for free:


Riley Guide's Guide to Interviewing
The Riley Guide's impressive list of links to very useful interviewing advice.
This site is for people on both sides of the interview. For the interviewee there are practice interviews for different types of positions including questions, answers and strategy, questions to ask the interviewer, and more. This is a very complete must-see site for job seekers.

Job Interviewing Tutorial
This free tutorial is designed to help you become more knowledgeable about all aspects of job interviews, from the importance of establishing rapport, to nonverbal cues, to types of interviews and types of interview questions.

Image and Attitude, Inc.    
Image and Attitude is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to empower women and men in transition by providing occupational & job-skill training programs, and professional business attire to help ensure employment success and self dependency.


Salary information and negotiation

Glass Door - An inside guide to jobs and companies.

Jobstar's Guide to Salary Surveys - Links to general and industry-specific salary surveys on the Web. - The salary wizard tells you what you should be making based on your job category and city. It also shows the U.S. national average. The site also has a salary advice section that's very complete.