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Britannica Online Reference Center and Encyclopedia for Kids
Contains resources for children and young adults, including: a video collection, timelines, country comparisons, a world atlas, writing guides, subject reviews and much more.



Language Arts


  • Little Pim
    Little Pim, powered by Mango Languages, introduces children to foreign language in a way they can understand and enjoy.

  • NoveList k-8
    Want to find a book just like the one you're reading? Go to NoveList and use the search field on the left. Search for the title of your book, then check the boxes next to which subjects appeal to you. Click search, and you'll get a list of other books with similar characteristics.

  • Reading Lists
    View recommended reading lists for all ages from the Mount Laurel Library. You will also find required school reading listed.

Web Resources

  • Spaghetti Book Club
    Book reviews by kids for kids.

  • The Homework Spot
    This is the Language Arts area of this website. It has help for grammar, reading, writing, vocabulary and more. There are also games you can play to help you learn.

  • Dog Eared
    This website, by National Geographic, is an online book club.



Web Resources

  • A+ Click
    More than 1000 challenging math problems and illustrations for grades 1-12.

  • Sheppard Software
    Play fun online math games, from early math to pre-algebra.

  • Khan Academy
    Over 2,400 education videos on subjects such as Algebra, Calculus, and Geometry.

  • IXL Math
    IXL is great resources to help student in grades Kindergarten and up to practice their math skills.

  • Math.com
    Math.com is a math help site with practice for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

  • Ask Dr. Math
    Got a math question?  Ask Dr. Math! This is a homework help site run by Drexel University. You can browse answers to questions that have already been answered, or submit a question of your own.

  • All Math
    All math has lots of tools to practice your math skills. Be sure to check out the flashcards!

  • Visual Fractions
    Visual Fractions is exactly what the name says: visual fractions. If you're having trouble mastering fractions, this is the site to use. It has lots of tools to help you understand how fractions work by showing you what the fractions look like using pie charts.

  • Math is Fun
    Math explained in easy language, plus puzzles, games, quizzes, worksheets and a forum. For K-12 kids, teachers and parents.


Social Studies and History

Web Resources

  • World Countries
    Learn about the countries of the world.

  • Khan Academy
    Educational videos cover a variety of subjects, such as the French Revolution and US History.

  • CIA World Factbook
    This web site is maintained by the CIA and contains information and maps for every country and region in the world.

  • Eyewitness to History
    Eyewitness to History provides lots of detailed information about world history from the people who lived it. It is organized by time period.



Web Resources

  • ARKive
    Explore the world's most endangered species.

  • Kids Geo
    An in depth online geology and geography textbook written for kids. Learn about the world beneath you.

  • Try Science
    Full of fun, simple experiments and interactive games, this site makes science fun for kids.

  • Khan Academy
    Over 2,400 educational videos on subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

  • From the whizzes at Google: explore the sky, investigate Mars, or get a closer look at the moon.

  • NASA for kids
    NASA's website for kids features games, activities, and fun facts for kids interested in space.

  • Periodic Table of Elements
    This table of elements has lots of features available, including date of discovery. This is a great site for chemistry homework.

  • Science News for Kids
    Science News is full of information and resources on science topics of interest to young people, categorized by topic.



Web Resources

  • Biography.com
    Sponsored by the biography channel, this website has biographical information on everyone from historical figures to TV stars.

  • Distinguished Women.com
    This site has biographies on women from all over the world and can be searched by subject and by name.


Research Tools


Kid Info

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Awesome Library for Kids Info Please Homework Center  

Having trouble with a web search?

  • Tips for making your Google search better.

  • Kids' Search Tools: a website designed to help you search the web.

  • iTools: a website to help you find the best tools on the web.


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